What’s the Point? (thoughts on prayer)

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There was a time when I saw prayer as a Point to Point transaction, by that I mean that I prayed to God in Jesus Name and then God took the prayer under consideration. It was so to speak out of my hands at that point and I could go about my life never certain how the God at the end of the prayer point decided things, if at all.
I have come to some conclusions concerning this kind of prayer and the biggest one is, God is not a Point out there to pray too. There is no Point in a Place called heaven where God much like Santa Claus receives the letters we send him. I find this to be a very limited way to understand and view that field of awareness and energy which permeates the Cosmos.
Prayer for me relates to a Point of contact that in fact is not an actual point that can be found in time and space. The Point is my love and my awareness of a need in life around me, that is in need of an infusion of life everlasting. (if I may use that term) So that Prayer is directly connected with my awareness and responsibility for the life around me, even that which is beyond my line of sight.  So that when I pray I in fact act as an agent of the Source of all life, and the Point to Point contact is between the Source through me and the need.   I take responsibility as a potential creator myself and one in possession of the awareness that my divine life matters, and can tip a balance in the life around me.

Therefore I do not pray any longer to point where God is in Heaven through Jesus, as though I need all the distance, middle men and personal abandonment that thinking implies.  Simply put I take my divinity seriously and much like the Genesis myth story, I apply my growing spiritual abilities to the life around me, in order to make the world a better place.  I do not judge what that goodness has to look like nor do I judge the outcomes,  I just commit to Loving with all the spiritual energy I posses that which is within and without.


Salvation Roulette

Calvinism Says:

” May the odds ever be in your favor”

Buddhism Says

“There is no Spoon”

Humanism says:

“Here’s looking at you kid”

Islam Says:

“I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse”

Pentecostalism Says:

“Now you see me, now you don’t”

Hinduism Says:

“May the Force be with you.”

 Arminianism says:

“Go ahead make my Day”

Atheism Says:

“You talking to Me?”

Judaism Says:

“Just do it”

Anarchism says:

“I love the smell of napalm in the morning.”

Universalism Says

“All for one and one for All””


Effective Meditation & Prayer

Effective Meditation & Prayer

Prayer & Meditation can only work and by work I mean make an actual difference in a future outcome if, the Future is not absolutely pre-determined. There is no room in meditation & prayer for the God of fatalism much less the God of total dominion. The energies are more subtle then that, much more like the flow of water or a gentle breeze. You really have to rethink your God if you are going to move into prayer that is beyond obligation, verbal wishful thinking or arrogance.



Earth, Wind, Fire, Water & Us

Earth, Wind, Fire, Water & Us

Earth, Wind, Water & Fire and to these add light for we now know Light is an element. Now add man a unique combination of Earth, Wind and Air, who is has mastered to a point physical Fire but as of yet not Light. To this we as humans add the great potential Spirit & Love, this is the point were we move into the realm of meditation, prayer & full co-creation, but that’s ok for those who desire the deeper things of God.