The Original Gospel @ Mars Hill (my journey) part 4


One thing we see in Paul’s Gospel message @ Mars Hill is the tremendous flexibility Paul employs when sharing The resurrected Christ Jesus with the Greek & Roman world of his time.  In fact a study of the early church shows a great diversity in thought and practice concerning this transcended Lord of the created Universe and His Father in the liberty of the Spirit. 

In Christianity today there are basically two methods the “born into” method and the “born again method, I had the benefit of experiencing both during my lifetime, being “born into” a Catholic family in upstate N.Y. and becoming a “born again” Christian in my youth in California.  It is this later method of God realization that I want to focus on for the purposes of this article today.  

Becoming a born again Christian was traumatic for my Father seeing it as a bit of a betrayal of our Families religious tradition, and in hindsight I wish I had been more sensitive to his heart.  It did not help that I was immediately taught to doubt the salvation of my entire family and that indeed their eternal destinies were on the line.  Is there any doubt that as a born again neophyte I was absolutely insufferable to be around, spouting bible verses at the speed the Thompson machine gun.  Not to mention my obsession with the ends a coming anti-Christ and Hell for all who defied this Bible inspired truth for these last days.  I think by this time you guessed that I was “born again” or saved if you like during the early 70’s in Southern California, the hot bed of pre-trib, Dispensational, rapture, end times madness country.  I share my story or rather my journey @ 56 because I believe many can relate to it and just maybe it might help whosoever put the pieces together in their own mind.  

Let me take a moment for me to share with you how I was taught to “share” our gospel and I say our gospel because I now understand it was not the Original Gospel.

1st You were born a Sinner & Dead spiritually

2nd God is Holy and can’t look upon any sin

3rd God sent his son to pay the price you owe Him

4th If you receive this gift then God can let you into His holy Heaven

5th if you don’t receive this gospel message you get the only thing you deserve, eternal separation from a Holy God in pain and agony. 

So you can see why I was so insufferable?   This is very serious stuff here and if you know me at all you know that I truly love people, especially the strays or what we called the lost.  I will tell you this with all my will power I proclaimed this message believing it to be part and parcel with the word and will of God.  What of the billions that would never hear of this Holy God who paid the price but needed them to confess he did it in order for them to benefit from it?  I wasn’t sure but it didn’t sound right but everyone I called friend assured me this was the Gospel Truth, bible verses included.  All the books I read told me this, the Pastor on Sunday told me this, as well as all the Anointed guys and gals on TBN.  How could they wrong and more importantly how could God’s word be wrong, I guess I better keep my doubts to myself and say amen.

It wasn’t until I began to study and read other points view beyond my biased presuppositions that I began to realize that The Gospel was a story of the Love of God in Christ and not His Holiness making demands on humanity they could not keep.  It was during this time that I say the Gospel of the Love of God in Christ was far more flexible then I had been taught or that I was teaching others because by this time I had become a Pastor of an Evangelical Church.  Now what was I to do, talk about being between a rock and a hard place I now longer believed what I was preaching?

The answer came to me but I knew it would be a long a painful journey I had to discover Jesus all over again, I had to unlearn and relearn, I had to ask better questions and think much bigger then my indoctrination would allow.  None of this of course can really occur in a bubble and you guessed it, I began to be watched as I searched for this Bigger Love Gospel I was sure was at the heart of God’s plan.  I was asked why had I begun to stray from the script, the one enshrined in the Church bylaws, with a long list of verse citations to back it up.  It all came to head one Sunday afternoon when while walking into my inquisition it came to me that I followed God and not man.  That I knew I had just begun to discover the real Christ the one my heart had desired for so many years, the Jesus Christ beyond doctrine and dogma and the certitude they create.  So I walked out unemployed by man but fully ready to follow the leading of the Spirit in my heart.  So this brings us to the flexible Gospel I actually promised to share with you from Paul’s Mars Hill Gospel proclamation, but that I am afraid will have to wait until my next blog. 



Would we all be in a better place as divine human beings if we didn’t need a Devil or a Hell to compete with a God of Love?  

Would the one true God of Love and Light be terribly upset if we kicked the whole idea to the failed trash bin of recorded history? 

If Hell and the Devil fell in the woods and nobody  cared would it make anymore noise?  For if God is a still small voice Hell and the Devil must only be breathed into existence by us.

After all these are just usurper ideas of an ancient age, something that helped explain unpredictability as if the beauty of the night or a great storm needed a mascot. You don’t need to explain the space between the breath, it’s all God and it’s only ever been all God. 

So what about the holy books and the ideas of ancient men and their world & the universe, well have you ever considered he could have been wrong? 

But then if we get rid of the Devil and Hell isn’t God and Heaven next Pastor? 

No just the idea that God needs a nemesis at all, but rather just willing divine humans ready to step out of bronze age thinking and into a divinely ordained future.



Does God Know Everything?


As long as I remember people have told me that God knows everything, every event that’s ever going to happen in your life along with every thought you’ll ever think.  This idea makes God the ultimate dispassionate voyeur knowing everything and for the most part just watching. 

What if this however is not the case at all and people just made this stuff up about God?    If ideas and thoughts don’t exist until they are actually conceived and therefore not a thing that can be known and that includes believe it or not by God?  What if any events based on those ideas and thoughts also can’t be known before they are conceived and then acted upon.

This for me doesn’t take away from God at all and in fact makes God far more involved in the moment, rather then some being outside of time.   Or worse yet already having seen the future, God has already “been there and done that” no-thing original.  Who comes up with this stuff about God anyway it all sounds so Omni like though doesn’t it? 

Think about it why isn’t it good enough that God knows your thoughts as you think them and not before.  If God is Omni-Present isn’t good enough to know you all your life and therefore be pretty darn sure which direction you will take?  I mean isn’t it enough for God to foreknow all God will do, without having to pre-know everyone else’s thoughts before they are actually conceived? 

How about a God who loves originality and has built originality into the creation, with all the creative potential in it.  Doesn’t the universe make far more sense this way not to mention our lives this way?  This makes prayer, worship as well as meditation far more honest and genuine.  God actually listening and paying attention what a concept, this is a God I can actually have a conversation with as well as a Love relationship.