The Forgiveness Trap

We are busy sinning against each other and then asking our God for forgiveness so were not left out of the life to come.  We are busy judging each other for sinning against each other, all the while asking God for forgiveness so we have his favor in this life.  The truth is this is a forgiveness trap and even Jesus knew it and taught against it. He spoke of taking on the burdens as well as the sins of others for their good alone.  Peter talked about our love covering sin and overwhelming it in this life, so as to make a difference here and now.  The Guru Paramahansa Yogananda spoke of taking on the bad Karma of his devotees so that they could progress faster in their spiritual journey. Jesus taught to leave your feeble requests for forgiveness of you sins and to go love your brother.  Of course the church choose a different model the very one Jesus rejected, in favor of the same old ask God for forgiveness so he will not be bad at you mantra.
The world in fact will not get better until we take on the sins of each other in love and bear the burden and weight of this new paradigm.   The Kingdom of Heaven will not come until we stop asking a God in the sky for forgiveness and start forgiving and taking on the burdens and karma of each other here and now.  There is no rescue from the shy no magic prayers, but there is the power of your divine nature forgiving in love and carry a little extra weight of someone else. Jesus set a pattern that has been missed “behold the son of God who takes away the sin (the sin of the forgiveness trap) of the world”, it was too much for the mindsets of his day.  They were unwilling to move past the Forgiveness trap, how about us?  Will we stop passing off our responsibilities to a God, Savior or Guru and stand in our own power to love and transform each other, by our taking on some of the sin and bad karma of each other?  This is after all love as Jesus and so many other talked about and gave their life for!
Start small and give it a try, focus on a person you love and take some of their pain, sin and bad karma.  Love them more then your own salvation, bliss or personal forgiveness, try it and see if it doesn’t begin to bring about Heaven on Earth.