The Love Gospel


You see my friends this is the word that best explains the true nature of the Gospel of God and of His Christ which is Love agape style!  The church has been running from the teaching and implications of this self giving love for far to long, and there is a movement afoot to reclaim the Gospel for Love!  Actually there have been people proclaiming this message since the beginning but they where always marginalized or worse, in fact the original messenger of this God message was crucified.  The last stronghold of the enemy is the same as it has always been fear, fear of Hell that is and judgment for not obeying the Gospel of Man in all it’s forms. 

Jesus said:  “You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you,  so that you may be sons of your Father who is in heaven.”   Remember these are not just the words of Jesus but also the mind and very heart of God a heart of unconditional Love.  I hope you see the implications of The Love Gospel here my friends for as the prophet said “Salvation is of the Lord.”

Jesus also said: As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you. Abide in my love.  If you keep my commandments, you will abide in my love, just as I have kept my Father’s commandments and abide in his love. These things I have spoken to you, that my joy may be in you, and that your joy may be full. “This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.”  Is it any wonder while many Christians are not really full of joy and peace of mind?   Believing as many do that God’s Love is so puny as to only rescue a few of his children the rest sadly to be tortured forever, with no recourse by the God of the universe helpless in the face of a Man made Gospel of religious works.

The Good News though is being reborn in the hearts of many who are beginning to speak up and reject with boldness the lie that has been told for so very long to so very many!  You see it is the Gospel that includes all although all do not know it, the enemy and well as the stranger in the land, it is beautiful because it is all big God Love of the Agape kind.  It’s a Radical Grace which rejects the notions  and theologies of men who would without hesitation by those same theologies, do condemn the whole world to save their own souls and the souls of their friends and family.

Jesus said this:  “For God so loved the world,that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.  Now the perishing is here and now in this world for those who don’t understand that God’s loves the whole world, do you know that, do you believe that unconditionally, for the children of God surely do! 

Don’t you see any Gospel that is conditional, changing and self-seeking is a false Gospel as Paul so keenly warned us about in many of his letters. 

This false Gospel is conditional because it puts man’s ideas of God’s holiness and justice above the truth taught by Jesus, Paul & John. 

It is changing because as some believe you can gain it and loss it at your own choice, with God a mere bystander to the will of man.

It is self-seeking because in many places it has become all about going to heaven in order not to go to hell, what could be more self-seeking than that message?

The Apostle Paul teaches us that God’s love is self emptying in the Philippians 2, and it has always been this way before creation as well as in the eons to come, when all shall confess and finally know as they are known by God in Love. 

The beauty of this simple blog post is some will read this and for the first time get a taste of The Love Gospel, and shall repent for the Kingdom of God has come to them today.

a recovering Hell Fire and Brimstone preacher

Death & Life (The Great Drama)

As the Hebrew scriptures teach God creates a material world in balance with the Spiritual one (One Kingdom Under God), as He surveys all that flowed through His great Logos (Christ)  God gives it all a Value by calling it Good.  Then the story continues  and God makes Man & Woman in the Image of the Godhead, decrees they are good and will live as ever-growing reflections of His love and Creativity in the cosmos. 

Now death enters the scene through a side door from the trickery of a (The Jealous One) and as both the Hebrew and Greek scriptures teach creation is ruled by this great death principle.  Instead of Life alone there is Good and Evil, Love and Fear and all the great dualities death brings into the realm of Life.  Behind all that death there is a another more powerful principle which is the principal of Life, which always seeks to overcome and overtake death and all its forms & consequences. 

One day in God’s Good time, this Principal of Life is revealed in the form of a Man (Jesus Christ) and He begins to speak the mysteries of God.  That He is Life & The Resurrection and that all creation shall one day be resurrected by the power of His Life, which flowed through Him into being at the Point of Origins.  Death is revealed to be just a temporary interloper, which although greatly feared is a resting place for those who God loved and called to live in simple faith.  Death is but a veil that keeps us from seeing clearly our value to God, His Christ and Spirit.  At the Cross it is death which is defeated by the resurrection of the Last Adam and His faithful obedience, with the promise that He was the first but not the Last. 

Two resurrections sit out on the horizon for all Mankind, the first for those who believed the tellings of God throughout the ages and lived as stewards of life in this world.  They are Physical Israel and her descendants who are always first and then the Church which is the Body of Christ reflected in the gentile nations. 

Wait though there is more, for these elect are resurrected for a purpose and not for a proud boasting.  There is still a work to be accomplished for like the first Adam and Eve, life must be taken out into the world that it be transformed and death finally defeated.  This is the second resurrection where those privileged to be the first like their Messiah humble themselves, to bring Light and Life to those of the second Resurrection. 

When God has restored all he has a claim on in Love, then that which refuses life whether it be men or angels are destroyed, for there is no life in them anymore.  Then the begining of a endless unfolding of new beginnings begins, and Death is no more!  Worlds without end amen, and Glory to God in the highest and to His Christ by the Power of His Spirit.



So have you ever been Bushwhacked by a Christian who is just dying to tell you the fate of your Soul?  So as usual I find myself at Starbucks but this time at the mall in Temecula, I should have bought its stock instead of Wamu.  I am having a conversation with my son that I live for, after all it’s not just Coffee!  I tell you that once you develop the skill you can can spot these people who are so convinced they know something. The truth is many Christians are only convinced that they are convinced, and when they gather it is an exercise in circular reasoning.

So as I am leaving I go ahead and bit the rather sad bait he has out there, that bate being a book of poem He has on the table.  I ask him if he is the author of the book and he responds in the affirmative.  He hands me the book and turn to a page for me to read but I tell him I am a fan of serendipity and I open to a random poem.  It is a rather good poem on suffering and I tell him it reminds me of some things Saint John of Cross had said.  Of course he’s not listen to me because he is there to Bushwack me, and my serendipity is not the following the script he has written.  So he opens to the page he wanted me to read in the first place and a poem about my destiny in Hell, which I assume he believes will spark a question from me.  Instead I said that is a very dark and sad poem and may God bless him, as he sat back to Bushwhack someone else.  Because after all he doesn’t need a conversation with a person made in the image of God, he’s got other ducks to shoot.

As I walk out side I ask my son what Kind of Person waits in Starbucks with a book of their own poems in order to Bushwhack someone, the Consensus is a lonely one…  ANZAHOLYMAN