GRACE BEFORE TIME audio message

Before time began Grace was in the wings, such is the Love of God that there was preparation for a wrong choice. God was prepared for the entrance of sin into this good world and redemption was in the wings. This is a continuation of our mini series in the book of Origins (Genesis) about our Dignity, Identity & Purpose.

When Truth Blinds

Truth is Neutral by neutral I do not mean  neutral as opposed to what is false or a bold face lie.  What is critical when it comes to truth is how it is used and or abused in the hands of man.  Truth in the hands of man is neutral until a choice is made as to how it will be used.

A great example of this is when men bring a woman guilty of adultery to Jesus, and want to stone her according to the Truth of the Law.  The have decided to use Truth as tool to trap Jesus as soft on the Truth of Law, but Jesus trumps them by demonstrating they are just as guilty.  In addition the Truth without the Love of God had made them blind, and worse Truths enemy.

The Truth  stopped being neutral and they had chosen to use it to judge others and establish their own self-righteousness.  We see that injustice is in fact done with the blessing of Truth in the wrong hands.  It’s what gives people cover to view others as less than themselves or bound for Hell.  It is unfortunate that many people who know the Truth about Jesus Christ have used that Truth to judge the world God loves.

The other day I watched a YouTube video of two men confronting two Mormon missionaries with the word of Truth, it was a sad misuse of Truth in the hands of the self-righteous.  It ended as those kinds of encounters always end with the self-righteous ever more convinced they are Heaven Bound.  One of the Comments said something to the effect of how they body slammed those Mormons with the Truth, when Truth becomes a Body Slam something is very wrong.

The church is blessed to have the Truth in scripture, but it has handled Truth in a way that has blinded it.  It has been said that the Letter of the Law (Truth) kills, but the Spirit brings life, it is time to get back into the Life business people.

Today I received a call from a Jewish Lady who wants to attend the little church I Pastor.  She shared how the Truth shared in Love was very attractive to her and yet she have every intention of remaining Jewish.  Then she had a question, would it be ok with me if she remained Jewish and hung out with some Jesus followers.  I’ll give you one guess what Truth I told her, Yes I would be honored to fellowship with someone who loved God.