GRACE BEFORE TIME audio message

Before time began Grace was in the wings, such is the Love of God that there was preparation for a wrong choice. God was prepared for the entrance of sin into this good world and redemption was in the wings. This is a continuation of our mini series in the book of Origins (Genesis) about our Dignity, Identity & Purpose.

The Law of Confession

How did the message of God’s grace and power to redeem His good world, become hostage to one word?  That one word being confess, modern evangelism hinges on this one word, confess you’re a sinner, then confess Jesus died for your sins and Jesus will confess you are saved before God.  

This word confess has become The Law that the grace of God and the work of the cross of Christ must bow.  Talk to most evangelicals about the death of anyone and they

will tell you “if that person did not confess Jesus as their personal savior, they are in Hell.” Confession is the new door and the power of the Cross made subject to words that roll off the tongue.

Salvation has been reduced to willful vocabulary repeated in the presence of the right company, with Eternal guarantees to follow.  One can only hope God has contingency plans for the simple minded and those who are unable to hear or speak. 


The tongue has become in this day the door to everlasting life, no exceptions or so some say.  What if though confession is the last thing one does in order to proclaim that which God has already accomplished, and we have put the mouth cart before The Salvation of Lord.  Then the Salvation of the Lord is not subject to the tongue and willful words, but rather the tongue as slave to His salvation.

In the classic movies and man and woman only shared a cigarette after they made love, never before.




I was reading the Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramhansa Yogananda, a very interesting book about some of the great sages of India.  My belief has always been that if you want to learn about another culture and its faith, then you should read books written by people born into that culture. In the very beginning of this book Yogananda is reflecting upon the first great sage that influenced his life and in describing this sage he uses the word Christlike. “My own path led me to a Christlike sage whose beautiful life was chiseled for the ages”

Interesting that this man would choose a non-Indian Spiritual Teacher to describe an Indian Holy Man, I find this very interesting indeed.  You must remember that India was just freeing itself from many years of being a colony of The British Crown, a “christian nation.”  Yet Yogananda does not call this sage (Lahiri Mahasaya) a christian like sage but rather a Christlike sage. 

Christlike is a word that stands apart and has not be tainted like christian has, Christlike speaks of Love, Patience, Wisdom, Forgiveness, Mercy and Very Deep Spirituality.  It has a transcendent quality that speaks of heaven and the angels, of a connection with God the Father beyond the bounds of time and matter.  Christlike is the perfect word to describe someone who lives in two worlds, heaven and earth seamlessly and seeks to unite them.  Christlike is a word that has stood the passage of time even as christian has lost its original meaning of being Christlike.

 Jesus was the most Christlike person who ever walked the earth, more than that he was sent from God to show what the future of Humanity through Him will look like some day.  We are told in the holy book of Hebrews that Jesus (The Christ) was only first of many divine son’s and daughters of The Living God.  What if the whole world secretly desired to be Christlike and live in a Christlike world?  Then indeed The Kingdom of God would have come among us and Christ would be king among christs.* *(see 1 John 3:2-3) 

Funny it takes someone from a foreign land a “non-christian”  to remind us what being christian is all about, it’s about Being Christlike.  Maybe its time to drop the word christian and all its baggage, and fully embrace the word that says it all “Christlike.”     


I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.
Mohandas Gandhi