Is the Devil in Control?


If you read the apostles of the first century and take what they say as both literal and fixed then the “The Devil” is in charge end of story.  At least that is how it was explained to me the other day by a fellow trying to explain the worlds eventual doom to me.  Verses were quoted and I don’t care to post them here you can Google them yourself but they were quite clear that “The Devil” is in control of everybody but the Born Again Christians.  Everybody has the proverbial wool pulled over their eyes so that they will not say the sinners prayer and become Christians. 

     To this I say what a bunch of garbage look around the world and the problem is not a devil, but everywhere people refuse to be divine!  It’s obvious God is watching but not in order to show up at the last minute on a white horse and rescue us from “The Devil” and his evil hordes.  Rather it like a great movie scene when the hero realizes he has the power to make a difference and he finally buys into the correct view of himself as hero rather than victim.  We all know what comes next the hero opens a can of Whoop Ass on the bad guy and the girl, town, city or world is saved.  

     So you still want that sad slave and victim narrative from the first century or are you going to step into your destiny and open a can of Whoop Ass.   I tell you the truth and the sooner we believe it the better off we will be, if there is a “Devil” in charge it’s because we are sitting on our —- blaming a “Devil” instead of being in charge.


The whole creation waits breathless with anticipation for the revelation of God’s sons and daughters.   ROMANS 8:19