When Truth Blinds

Truth is Neutral by neutral I do not mean  neutral as opposed to what is false or a bold face lie.  What is critical when it comes to truth is how it is used and or abused in the hands of man.  Truth in the hands of man is neutral until a choice is made as to how it will be used.

A great example of this is when men bring a woman guilty of adultery to Jesus, and want to stone her according to the Truth of the Law.  The have decided to use Truth as tool to trap Jesus as soft on the Truth of Law, but Jesus trumps them by demonstrating they are just as guilty.  In addition the Truth without the Love of God had made them blind, and worse Truths enemy.

The Truth  stopped being neutral and they had chosen to use it to judge others and establish their own self-righteousness.  We see that injustice is in fact done with the blessing of Truth in the wrong hands.  It’s what gives people cover to view others as less than themselves or bound for Hell.  It is unfortunate that many people who know the Truth about Jesus Christ have used that Truth to judge the world God loves.

The other day I watched a YouTube video of two men confronting two Mormon missionaries with the word of Truth, it was a sad misuse of Truth in the hands of the self-righteous.  It ended as those kinds of encounters always end with the self-righteous ever more convinced they are Heaven Bound.  One of the Comments said something to the effect of how they body slammed those Mormons with the Truth, when Truth becomes a Body Slam something is very wrong.

The church is blessed to have the Truth in scripture, but it has handled Truth in a way that has blinded it.  It has been said that the Letter of the Law (Truth) kills, but the Spirit brings life, it is time to get back into the Life business people.

Today I received a call from a Jewish Lady who wants to attend the little church I Pastor.  She shared how the Truth shared in Love was very attractive to her and yet she have every intention of remaining Jewish.  Then she had a question, would it be ok with me if she remained Jewish and hung out with some Jesus followers.  I’ll give you one guess what Truth I told her, Yes I would be honored to fellowship with someone who loved God.


Jesus Saves From Hell?

A local Pastor asked a question on his face book page, if there is no hell then what are we saved from?  The first thing I have to say is that the question itself assumes Hell is mankind’s destiny unless saved.  Rather than seeing Hell at least the one made for the devil and his angels as a destiny for a very few wicked beings.  Some mix the Augustinian view of Original Sin with a little Calvinism, Arminianism, Dante and that’s how Jesus saves you from the Hell we are all destined for.

The reason why this Pastor has this assumption has nothing to do with what Jesus or Paul taught, but rather what the Doctrines of Men teach.  Jesus tells us why he came, “to seek and save that which is lost” not bound for Hell.  Further He teaches in

Luke 4:18  “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me,
      for he has anointed me to bring Good News to the poor.
   He has sent me to proclaim that captives will be released,
      that the blind will see,
   that the oppressed will be set free,
      19 and that the time of the Lord’s favor has come. 

Not to save us from Hell but to save us from the effects of the fall on Mankind and the Creation.  Hell is for a very few and those that find themselves there walk in with eyes wide open, and a life committed to Evil.  This kind of Hell focus though is a distraction away from the true reason for the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Or as Rob Bell calls it a “Goat Gospel” as he says “The Good News is much bigger than that.

Jesus saves us from sin and death, He saves us for a Future time and a Future world. His saving work is not even about Heaven but as my Catholic friends would say “worlds without end amen.”  Jesus Christ paid the price for all who have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, which is everyone.  No where that I am aware of does Jesus say I have come to save you from Hell, but rather I have come that you may have Life.  You see Jesus has come to save us and the creation from the rule of Satan, whose future is Hell.

All will stand before The God who is love, justice and full of Mercy.  God alone shall judge the quick and the dead, because Jesus Christ has saved us all from the Power of Death and the Grave (Hell). Jesus does not save us from Hell or from God, but rather from the Power of Sin, Death and the Grave.

“I am he that liveth, and was dead; and, behold, I am alive for evermore, Amen; and have the keys of hell and of death.” ( Revelations 1:18 )

It is God who sent The Word in order to save the World He loved, to all who will believe.  The when, where and how of that faith in Jesus, is to be determined by God and not some narrow man-made doctrines.

Jesus; John teaches is the price paid to ransom us from sin and death and not us alone but the whole world. 1 John 2:2  Jesus as the Last Adam is now the head of all mankind as Adam was before Christ’s death and resurrection. God created Hell as an abode for the wicked, not your next store neighbor who happens not to believe in your version and interpretation of scattered verses.

Jesus did not come save us from Hell unless you mean the Grave, because scripture doesn’t teach I was born destined for the Devils Hell.  It’s Men that teach that and they I believe are dead wrong, and have brought a lot of Hell where it doesn’t belong.  I am quite sure however they are as forgiven and covered by the blood of Lamb as we all are.


Romans 5:18
Therefore, as through one man’s (Adam’s) offense judgment came to all men, resulting in condemnation, even so through one Man’s (Jesus’) righteous act the free gift came to all men, resulting in justification of life.

2 Kings 14:6, But the children of the murderers he slew not: according unto that which is written in the book of the law of Moses, wherein the LORD commanded, saying, The fathers shall not be put to death for the children, nor the children be put to death for the fathers; but every man shall be put to death for his own sin.

The Perfection God Desires

We have been told by those who read the scriptures in a Letter of the Law manner, that scripture requires that we are to be as Perfect as God is, and then remind us that we all fall very short of God’s Perfection.

This is where religious authorities have derived their power and control over us.  They tell us that through various religious and confessional practices, we can get a reprieve from a very stern God who is keeping the little miss Perfect books.  Such was the world Jesus was born into and spoke into 2000 years ago,  with religious authorities who  loved the power and money that came from such a premise.  Such is the world we find ourselves living in today for “there is nothing new under the sun.”

I want you to understand that when you choose the Letter of The Law over the Spirit of The Law, you can only be someones slave.  If you choose to be slave then it is impossible at the same time to be free, and therefore Perfect in the Spiritual Way.  The deception is that the things you are a slave to appear to be Godly(Rom 10) for they invoke God’s name and word on a regular basis.

So then what is the Perfection that God desires, tell me pastor that I may do it and be Perfect before a Perfect God.  Did you know that if you ask a question that starts with an incorrect premise you can not possible come up with the right answer.  We have been trained by those who have a vested interest i.e. religious authorities to ask the wrong question, based on the premise that God is looking for some kind of Perfect Obedience to a set of DON’T rules.  This is the premise that those Pharisees have been using for millenia and still do around the world today.

Jesus teaches some very simple and profound things concerning the Perfection God is looking for, and let me give you just a few for a few is really all you need.  Jesus teaches that you must forgive as you desire to be forgiven by God,  just be according to Jesus a forgiving fool for God!  You see God is looking for a soul who forgives as Big as He does, and that my friend is very big indeed.  Modern evangelical theology has taught us its about being forgiven according to the work of Christ on the cross, and that is in fact 100% true.  That is a given before the world began, and may I say so what, the real question according to Jesus is do you forgive others?  This is Perfection God desires, that you forgive others as you desire to be forgiven by God.  Do you see how our theology has taught us a cosmic truth but disconnected it from every day life.  If God had remained in Perfection in the heavens, there would be no here, here.

We are so focused on being forgiven and having eternal life, that we have neglected the more serious work of giving forgiveness like God.  For God has no need to be forgiven for God can not sin, therefore God’s Perfection is in the act of giving forgiveness not receiving it.

Godly Perfection has nothing to do with obeying external DON’T rules, it is about having and desiring that same heart as God, a heart of Love.  Can God be tempted, is God Perfect on the basis of some external set of DON’T rules?  Is the Justice of God attached to these external set of DON’T RULES, our theology has been based on it. Let me say that the Letter of The Law includes our Legalistic embrace of theology and that others must confess, study and believe it, in order to be theologically perfect before God. (by faith of course)  Can we not see that this has become merely another work of the flesh, that allows us to reason we are  Saved and Perfect without actually giving Spiritual Perfection a try.  The desire of your heart is the key here people, not blind obedience to The Letter of The Law or as Paul teaches having the right Attitude of Love towards others (Phil 2) this is righteous.

Jesus also teaches that it is those who Love who are in fact the Lovers, and like their Lovingly Perfect Father in Heaven.  So you want the Perfection God desires, then desire to be like Jesus.  Because the Effort can only be done in Faith, and the “Just shall live by Faith” don’t you know and receive crowns of glory.  The Apostle John teaches us that Loves covers a multitude of Sin, so let’s get busy being Perfect in Faith.  Which it turns out does not actually require you to be Perfect, but rather by faith to make the effort in Love.

What if the real Perfection God desires is a heart devoted to Love, Forgiveness, Kindness and Justice just to name a few?  A Perfection not rooted in some notion of something reaching a place without any flaws, but rather a flawed Divine Human Being in Love with The Love of GOD, and moving forward from Faith to Faith and Glory to Glory.

Then I believe “His Kingdom will come and His will be Done on Earth as it is in Heaven.”


What shall we Preach?

So Pastor what do I preach and what is my mission in this world today?  First Love not love as a theological construct but love as a practical expression of the actual Love of God.  Preaching that the vast majority of humanity is going to hell, is a complete waste of time and in no way a reflection of the actual Love and power to save of  our God.  Our message is everybody and I mean everybody is covered by the finished work of Jesus Christ, not just the potential of his work but its actual effect for all humanity.  Paul teaches that in Adam all died so to in Christ shall all be made alive, no if ands or buts, your neighbor is as saved in real terms as you are.  Every human being that has ever lived some 10 billion in fact, are covered by the finished work of Christ. 

This was the gospel message before we put the work of the flesh onto the finished work of the Son of God! Confessional salvation is a work of the flesh and has been based upon the will of man, rather than the finished work of Jesus Christ.  This is why resisting Confessional Salvation is met with such anger and over the top judgmentalism.  So much willfulness and presumption is behind our absolute commitment as protestants to Confession Salvation and the great willful question”is Jesus your Personal Savior?”  That the threat of Hell is becoming ever more ridiculed as (the Lost) see our religious work of the flesh for what it really is, another Religious Ponzi scheme.  The fact that it takes ever more money to prop up this system of the flesh, is something we as the church have become blind to.  Point of Truth: The greatest deceptions are always held by those who have the most information but the wrong interpretations.

You see we call people to a relationship to God through Christ, not to get them saved but so that they might be united to a Father God who loves them.  That is the message of the Gospel or as Paul said it while we where yet separated by sin from God, Jesus restored that relationship.  John puts it this way, “here is Love not that we Love God first but that He Loved us first and paid the full price for our redemption, and not ours alone but the redemption of all mankind.

I am always amazed and how angry Christians get in the flesh when I challenge the free-willful based way they try to get people saved who are in fact already saved but ignorant of God’s love in Christ, which is what we preach.  That God the loving Father was in Jesus on the Cross bringing a future order back to the Universe, with all mankind 10 Billion and counting.  Now if we could just move past our free will praising Confessional Salvation, and stand and preach the finished work of Christ, we will unite a world of souls.  For if the work of Jesus is lifted up, and the true revelation of the crowning glory of His Cross, He will draw all mankind.

Will there be some who reject him yes, those not in the “book of  life” but that is totally God’s call at the end of this age.  Not a rejection of the  free-willful-way of Confessional Salvation we have created out of the Flesh of Theology.  The fact that some in the church must cling to “Hell’s Fire”in order to evangelize a Jesus of their theology, is a sign they are in the flesh, which goes back to the Dark Ages.”   For they preach a Jesus but deny the full Power of His work, which we preach is fully finished with nothing to add for its completion. 

We call people to the water but never do we think that our words or ways are the water!