Saving people from HELL!


Many well-intentioned people are under the illusion that they save people from Hell.  Now by Hell I mean the Dante version of Hell combined with the idea that we are born blemished and destined for its gates.  Most Christians remember the story and it is a story where Jesus uses the example of a rich man who goes to Hell.  The real moral of the story is that rich man would not rescue someone from Hell on Earth, did you get that because I think it bears repeating until the lie being told as the Gospel is revealed for what it is.

A parable which is a make-believe story told in order to teach the reader a lesson, this parable is not about some pagan view of Hell after death, but Hell right here and right now.  The man in the story represents a view of the world that is all screwed up pardon my french, and to go further the rich man represents cold formalistic Religion.  You see this rich man represents those who have made salvation all about angels and the afterlife.  Now the poor man in the life to come is given the advantages he could have enjoyed in his previous life, if only those with the blessing had focused on Heaven on Earth.  By the life to come I do not mean Heaven or Hell over there, but rather a New Heaven & Earth combination here and now were the first shall be last and the last shall be first.

So the idea of saving people from Hell must become literal to us but not a Hell way out there, which is a religious myth.  A myth created to take people’s minds away from Religions refusal to help in creating Heaven on earth, while building and ever bloated empire for itself.  I live in a town where some of the people creating the most Hell here are those who believe they are saved from Hell out there after death.  As Jesus taught his disciples of which I count myself one it is the eradication of Hell on earth that is the focus of the God of Heaven, and the sooner we start saving people from that Hell the sooner we will truly understand the Real Gospel message of The Kingdom.

Do you see the original gospel is not about saving people from Hell over there, but rather from Hell right here and right now.  It’s a movement of transformation not of earths escape to Heaven, but Heavens infiltration of earth and the displacement of Hell everywhere we find it, and the rest literally takes care of itself!



The Original Gospel (It’s Family Thing)


The Original Gospel doesn’t start in Genesis 3 and Eve’s fondness for fruit, but rather it starts in Genesis one and the Godhead’s dialogue about a larger family.  You see it’s about the future the Gospel that is, and God’s desire to increase the size and scope of His kingdom of which there will be no end.  It’s about the process of raising a family and as everybody knows it takes a Family to raise a Family, Father, Son and Spirit.  Jesus is not plan B after the fall of humanity in their Humanness, but rather He is the prototype of a New Humanity Divine/Human, there has only been one plan or process from the beginning.

You think it’s all about sin and God’s plan to over come a simple choice so He can tolerate to be in our presence?   You think Loving Jesus came to protect you from an angry Holier than thou God, who keeps a record of all your sins and failures?  Wrong, wrong, wrong it’s about a Families Love Father, Son & Spirit for the adopted children and fully inherited ones at that complete in every way.   It’s about a Divine Family love that has and will span all space and time, sin and struggle, a love that wins, Kingdoms without end amen!


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The Original Gospel & Hell part 3


So the other day a Pastor text me privately “that happens frequently” and said that He believed the subject of Hell was not included in any Gospel presentations by the Apostles including Paul, but his question was were does everybody go who reject Jesus as Savior?  Do you see that he agrees that hell can’t be found in actual gospel presentations and yet he can’t help but assume it’s true.  All those years of indoctrination have had their effect upon his subconscious and despite what he reads, the questions based upon a false doctrinal construct remain. 

So what is the answer to this struggle (time) and people who love the message of Christ fighting through the pain of leaving a previously held fixed dogmatic position.  This my friends is where it gets hairy as they say, trust me you won’t be in Kansas any more.   Your not alone but man it will feel that way, a simple study of the biblical narrative shows it gets hairy for all God lovers remember Stephen, from our last blog post,    In all your study of faithful women and men of God did you ever think you would be persecuted for resisting Hell’s encroachmentt on the Original Gospel?  Trust me they will say many cruel things about you when you do, and do all in their power to keep hell in the Gospel narrative.  

So where do we go from here Christ lovers?  If you are asking me we have to build from those scriptures that transcend culture and religious prejudice, as well as our own dogma.   Because much of the debate in the New testament is an argument about who speaks for God, this is also seen clearly in the book of Acts.  Jesus corrects a failed system that like a collapsing star has fallen in on its self with great heat and pull. 

So we must come to a place that says upon the death of all human beings they start equal as they did at their birth.  So you would ask what is the benefit of being a Christian do you realize who you sound like when you say that.  You merely keep the vineyard and yet you have usurped the Eternal Son and the vineyard owner without even noticing it.  I know this will not be received by all and some of you are gritting your teeth and reaching for stones of verse to kill me with.  I don’t speak to but rather to those growing weary of a gospel paradigm that is falling apart everywhere we look, have you looked at the numbers my friends or are you just glad you got yours?

So back to premise we began to explore all Human Beings upon death are equal before God, 1 Corinthians 15:22 (KJV) For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive.

The Death and Burial of Jesus are the Human side of the equation it’s all they could offer one more scape goat for their failed narrative, but the resurrection  is a God only affair and here is where we see the true power of the Pauline Gospel which we shall look into further in our next Blog Post (The Mars Hills Gospel)