Thoughts on Time & Being

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So I am sitting in my media room waiting for a phone call about a part-time job and it occurred to me just how much time was involved in my previous belief system. It’s one of the reasons in hindsight I think I walked away from it, it was for all intents and purposes a very pushy way time based way to believe. Let me list just a few and I do believe you will get the idea
1. The world is ending SOON!
2. Jesus is returning ANY DAY!
3. Judgment is coming SOON!
4. We need to save the World right NOW!
5. God has expectations that are not being MEET!
            6.  Did you study, pray and do enough for Jesus TODAY?
Any way I think you get the idea why this kind of belief is so popular among time and performance driven people. It’s bad enough my culture wants to drive me into a time panic, why should I allow my belief to do it as well. So I decided with the help of the quite voice that dwells in the silence within, to focus on Being. To that end I find no need for the artificial drivers of my old religion and its pushy time and fear based motivators. It’s amazing how Being who I really am in love fulfills the inner man without any need to lock myself in the time dominated machine which is modern Evangelical Christianity. The Mystics, Gnostics, Gurus and Jesus were correct, the Kingdom if God is within and all is right in that world. Time for some exploration free of the constraints of time and space because awareness encompasses all of that and so much more.