Pagan Christians

Some forms of Christianity are very good at putting labels are the Other, those outside as they see it of the Family of God.  There was a time when we called them pagans and conquered them for their own good, but what if these Pagans are more Christian in their manners and deeds? 

What if like Paul teaches on the book of Romans they demonstrate the fruit of the Spirit in their life.  Jesus clearly teaches that a house divided against itself can not stand, when he is accused of doing good with the power of evil. 

You argue that it matters not if they Love more than you, for you are saved by grace, they are not and that is that as they say.  You must hear the words of Jesus for it is not the one who says Lord, Lord, and searches the scriptures, but the one who does the will of the Father.  They have told you the will of God is to confess Jesus with words and study, study, study the words in the book. 

What if the will of God is to Love, and I mean Crazy Love and in the end its all covered by the Crazy Love of Jesus Christ, Lord of all creation?