Jim dies and goes to heaven (I know it’s a long shot), but instead of the pearly gates, there’s a fork in the road, and a sign pointing down each path. One sign says ‘Believers in Determinism’ and the other says ‘Believers in Free Will’.

Jim has always believed in predestination, so he goes down that road. He eventually comes to a big door with the word ‘DETERMINISM’ written over the top. He knocks, and an angel opens the door and says, ‘Why have you come to my door today?’ Jim says, ‘Well, there were these two signs, and I chose the one that said determinism.’ The angel says, ‘and you chose it? then you can’t come in here,’ and slams the door.

Jim’s confused. Finally he trudges back to the crossroads and goes down the other road. Eventually he comes to another large door that says ‘FREE WILL.’ He knocks and another angel opens the door and says, ‘Why did you come this way?’

And  Jim says, ‘I had no choice!’” 


What shall we Preach?

So Pastor what do I preach and what is my mission in this world today?  First Love not love as a theological construct but love as a practical expression of the actual Love of God.  Preaching that the vast majority of humanity is going to hell, is a complete waste of time and in no way a reflection of the actual Love and power to save of  our God.  Our message is everybody and I mean everybody is covered by the finished work of Jesus Christ, not just the potential of his work but its actual effect for all humanity.  Paul teaches that in Adam all died so to in Christ shall all be made alive, no if ands or buts, your neighbor is as saved in real terms as you are.  Every human being that has ever lived some 10 billion in fact, are covered by the finished work of Christ. 

This was the gospel message before we put the work of the flesh onto the finished work of the Son of God! Confessional salvation is a work of the flesh and has been based upon the will of man, rather than the finished work of Jesus Christ.  This is why resisting Confessional Salvation is met with such anger and over the top judgmentalism.  So much willfulness and presumption is behind our absolute commitment as protestants to Confession Salvation and the great willful question”is Jesus your Personal Savior?”  That the threat of Hell is becoming ever more ridiculed as (the Lost) see our religious work of the flesh for what it really is, another Religious Ponzi scheme.  The fact that it takes ever more money to prop up this system of the flesh, is something we as the church have become blind to.  Point of Truth: The greatest deceptions are always held by those who have the most information but the wrong interpretations.

You see we call people to a relationship to God through Christ, not to get them saved but so that they might be united to a Father God who loves them.  That is the message of the Gospel or as Paul said it while we where yet separated by sin from God, Jesus restored that relationship.  John puts it this way, “here is Love not that we Love God first but that He Loved us first and paid the full price for our redemption, and not ours alone but the redemption of all mankind.

I am always amazed and how angry Christians get in the flesh when I challenge the free-willful based way they try to get people saved who are in fact already saved but ignorant of God’s love in Christ, which is what we preach.  That God the loving Father was in Jesus on the Cross bringing a future order back to the Universe, with all mankind 10 Billion and counting.  Now if we could just move past our free will praising Confessional Salvation, and stand and preach the finished work of Christ, we will unite a world of souls.  For if the work of Jesus is lifted up, and the true revelation of the crowning glory of His Cross, He will draw all mankind.

Will there be some who reject him yes, those not in the “book of  life” but that is totally God’s call at the end of this age.  Not a rejection of the  free-willful-way of Confessional Salvation we have created out of the Flesh of Theology.  The fact that some in the church must cling to “Hell’s Fire”in order to evangelize a Jesus of their theology, is a sign they are in the flesh, which goes back to the Dark Ages.”   For they preach a Jesus but deny the full Power of His work, which we preach is fully finished with nothing to add for its completion. 

We call people to the water but never do we think that our words or ways are the water!


Men in Conflict

Memorial Services are always very interesting events to be a part of, and never are people more in a state of conflict then when a friend has passed from this life.  Christians that hold a very literal view of what I call Confessional Salvation are many times the most conflicted of all, and this leads me to the tale I must tell at 3 am on a this Sunday Morning.

All week-long Christians had been whispering in my ear that they where concerned for a dearly departed soul of this back country area we all call home.  They said in hushed tones, so that the angels or the devils could not hear that, they where not sure “he was saved.”  By which if they where honest with their language they would have said that this good man was in hell for all of eternity.  This is the problem you see with this kind of thinking it always leads you to conflict and to the question, did I do enough to keep this person out of Hell?

Now the memorial service was well attended for this man who  had many friends, and was a friend to many over his lifetime of 75 years.  I spoke of a life lived well not perfectly but well, a life lived so that God does not reach for his eraser and take you out of the book of life He placed you in at your birth.  I went on to say that God does not trust us will the matters of eternity for we can tend to make a mess of things.   Love as the scriptures teach never fails and God is Love and full of Mercy and Grace.  Another man spoke of trusting God at they end of life to do the right thing concerning those we love, but He appeared to be in conflict and he struggled with those words of trust.

The memorial service ended with the singing of Amazing Grace, which the older I get becomes more Amazing by the day.  I was approached by two men in conflict after the memorial service, one who wanted to correct my theology and explained to me how eternity all came down to expressing a sinners prayer during this lifetime.  I reminded him that scripture teach that Jesus was not only his savior but the savior of the whole World, but he was certain it didn’t count at all unless they said they believed it.  It seemed to me that jesus said it best when he vocalized “it was finished” but this man was sure their was more verbal work to do!  I agreed with him that God was fully satisfied with the work of his son on behalf of the followers of Jesus, but that John had recorded the Jesus was not only the price paid for our sin but the sin of the whole world.  It occurred to me I reflected that all would have a chance before a loving God and the Savior of their souls, in this life or the life to come.  This man then began to tell me that the justice of God demanded satisfaction and that if words where not said God would not be pleased.  I reminded him that the scriptures teach that God was in Christ and Christ alone, reconciling the world back to himself.  Needless to say this man was still in conflict when we parted company as to the nature of Christ’s work not just for him but indeed for the whole world.

The second man was the one who had said he trusted God for the eternal destiny for his friend, and that man he had good hunting with for the past 20 plus years.  When we began to talk however he was very conflicted that as a Christian he had never shared his faith with his friend.  That he had never once told this man how he had received Jesus in this life and held that relationship so dear.  There was a sense in this man that his friend might be in Hell and it might be his fault or at least partly his fault.  I tried to assure him that he was right in the first place and he could trust a loving God to do the right thing.  That the source of his conflict was not God’s true nature but his bad and rather modern theology, concerning the method God uses to save those he loves.  Unfortunately this man could not be consoled and it pained me to see him in such conflict of the soul.

Imagine his responsibility before God if his theology is correct and he did not rescue this man from an eternity of punishment in Hell.  Indeed under his theology Christ just might deny him before the Father, because he refused to confess Jesus before his friend.   Can you see where this kind of love of Verbal Freewill and Biblical Literalism takes you?

Salvation I am happy to report is as the scriptures teach a “work of God” from the beginning in Genesis to the beginning at the end of the book of Revelations.  That we all rest on the “faith of Jesus Christ” and not on this very fragile thing called Confessional Salvation.  Jesus is Lord and “every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess” this to the glory of God, and then the books shall be opened.  We can trust God, thank God he has not waited for us to get of the dime to tell our friends of His Amazing Grace, He will show us all some day!

As I looked out into the crowd of souls that day I realized that in Christ there really wasn’t any difference before God, just a few that thought there was, God loves them too!