Funda-Mentalism as I see it has a fatal flaw and I believe it is most demonstrated in the religious field of study.  The definition of Funda-Mentalism is very simple: strict adherence to any set of basic ideas or principles:  Now when you apply  Funda-Mentalism thinking to a divinely inspired holy book you have a major problem.  That problem being that you believe the way you see it, is in fact the only way it can be understood and interpreted.  You have in fact replaces God’s Spirit and His Inspiration with the spirit of man, talk about 666.

This leads to great cruelty when you also believe God is commanding you to convert the Infidel or Hell Bound to your Funda-mental beliefs.  Or to reach out and hurt family and friends with your words or worse the misuse of God’s word, because you are so sure you’re right.   So much harm has been done and is being done because of “The Fundamental Flaw” even in the little town I live in.

Point of Truth:

The major flaw in any form of Funda-Mentalism is eventually it must abandon inspiration and spirit to survive.

Once Inspiration and Spirit are shut out and replaced by Literalism and Legalism then what was once alive begins to die.  Never forget when something is dying is at its most dangerous to those around it.  This is where many of the worlds religions find themselves including Christianity, becoming ever more rigid and succumbing to the “Funda-Mental Flaw” and those who preach it.

Harold Camping is just the latest version of this tired form of Funda-mentalism that has failed on a major scale as well as all the other Late Great Last Days Literalism.  Let us not forget that can’t wait for the Mahdi to return nut job in Iran who wants nukes.

You see when you lose Inspiration and Spirit and replace it with Legalism and Literalism you become very dangerous.  Forget global warming folks the real threat to the future of the planet come from Fundamentalism

This is a major reason why the young are leaving religion, and believe it or not this good news my friends.  Because when we return to the Father’s Heart of Love, and the inspiration of His Spirit then the words will be light, life and healing to all.

My Master Jesus taught that we are to Love God, our brother and enemy as well as the stranger in our midst when Christ reigns in our hearts then we will see peace on earth!

Point of Truth:

Only Love is Funda-Mental for God is Love.