JESUS vs Theology


Really I do think that maybe the survival of The Way as Jesus lived it, is the pulling down from its lofty position of authority the false god of Theology.  Jesus came to both be and show The Way the children of God are to live in this material world as divine beings, not as some would teach a New Systematic Theology. 

Do you see as in the time of Jesus the Lawyers of Theology are running the show again, and once more everything is Literal and Material.  The literal letters of the apostles have become the new corner-stone and in doing this these builders have rejected the Father’s Stone (Jesus Christ).  Jesus taught that his words where Spirit and Truth, they have now become a burden and a literalism in the hands of the Theologians.  Now everything and I mean everything has become an argument over the facts and literal interpretations of the exact meanings of words of phrases.  Yes the church has done well in this Material World but it has stopped soaring towards the clouds and has become earth-bound. 

Is it any wonder a super class of Lawyer Theologians rules through the fear of Hell and worse yet of believing their facts wrong.  And watch out if you dare challenge one of the darling theologians which they have tried to convince us is the faith of Our Fathers, I have but one Father in heaven.   How could anyone improve on the wonderful phrase “I am the Way” not speaking about turning that phrase into a very complicated Theology to be believed by verbal agreement, but rather by reaching out in the spirit and grabbing His hand for a walk through life! 

You see the Phrase “I am the Resurrection and the Life” is not a teaching about the last days, but rather its a daily opportunity to have “Life and that Life more abundantly.”  We must as followers of Jesus and those charged with teaching The Way, not be afraid to lead ourselves and others away from this wasteland of Literal Theology and its Lawyer Prophets. 

Jesus taught that it was all about a relationship with the Father and not the Burden of Literal Theology taught by the theologians of His day.  The words of Jesus are Spirit and Truth and they can only be embraced in Spirit or Truth or we shall all become way to literal to enjoy this life in Christ he came to give.  Don’t live literally but spiritually for He has come that you might have abundant life and liberty my friends.