Who does JESUS belong to?

The answer to this question depends on where in the teachings of the Holy Scriptures you start.  It further is restricted by how we piece the Scriptures together in order to formulate or postulate a Systematic Theology.  Rarely does this process of deduction produce a Jesus who belongs to more than just a very select few. 

Although John starts with the Word who is involved in the creation of worlds and is the light of all mankind.  Then people begin to construct a system of thought from individual verses that begins to shrink both the Scope and Power of this Savior of The World.  They will for instance start with Justice rather than Love, therefore making the Love of God subject to a view of Justice they have imposed on God. 

God then becomes the slave to their systematic theologies while they praise themselves for their depth of understanding “THE WAYS OF SALVATION.” 

The World is then approached with this Justice based Love of God with the threat of Hell ever looming, (a much needed addition to this kind of thinking.)  Then when little progress is made sharing this so-called “Love of God” they comfort themselves with the thought that “many are called but few are chosen.”

Jesus belongs to the World and we need to set Him free from our man imposed limitations and maybe just maybe we will see revival God style.  We are loosing ground because we sow without God and therefore we have bad seed and no rain. God however never dropped the ball and when we return to Love without Agenda “those who harvest will overtake those who sow.”  For it is God who does both globally and without your systematic theologies which limit you not HIM!  Nothing is lost to Him not even the smallest sparrow that falls to the ground.

As Rob Bell says in his New Book “Love Wins”

“this will require a death,

a humbling,

a leaving behind of the old mind,

and at the same time an opening up,

loosening our hold,

and letting go,

so that we can receive,





and enjoy.”

The question is when we will start Loving the way God through Jesus does, and do we even know how?  

“With man it is impossible but with God all things are possible.”