Say What?

So I heard an evangelist the other day tell people they where all sinners and they where responsible for it. 

Even though He believes in original sin and therefore believes people have no choice but to be sinners.

He then began to tell everyone that God expects them to be perfect in order to get to heaven.

Therefore what was painfully obvious to him was that everyone who was not perfect was in fact going to Hell.

We are all guilty he said for what we had no choice in and God was justifiably angry about the whole matter. 

Now God is the Great Judge in a heavenly courtroom and we owe a fine we can not pay but are still responsible for. 

He kept quoting that “all had sinned and fallen short of the glory of God” as if God was the Grand Inquisitor.

Good news though even though God is righteously upset at all these sinners populating the earth.

God poured all his hate and wrath that we deserve “even though we can’t do otherwise” on His beloved son.

Now if you believe the story this evangelist said was the absolute gospel truth and say it out loud for someone else can hear, then you are saved and God is no longer mad and your sins are forgiven and forgotten. 

However if you question this is what Jesus actually taught or have the courage to think maybe God has loved you from the time you were born in His image. 

Well then its Hell for you because after all it’s what you always deserved anyway.

By the way did I tell you the evangelist said God loves us sinners?

But He never said God was Love just the great upset Judge.

Say What?