13 thoughts on “EMERGING LOVE FELLOWSHIP meets @ 10am Sunday Morning

  1. Per your “Open Theism” discussion, to me it seems only self-evident the relationship with our Maker has to be of “free will and chose” to follow him with all my heart and all my soul…. This is what I bring to God’s table in return for the grace and mercy he shows towards me….

    Although I can never fully repay him for all his love and scarifies bestowed upon me for the forgiveness of my sins, I hope to connect and reconnect with other regarding this discovery and how we can pick-up our Cross to follow Him (e.g., the WORKS of faith)….. Knowing About Jesus and Living for Jesus are two very distinctive thing that for connected through our relationship with the Holly Father….

    Let us not forget how we can be His disciples, as well, and pick-up the Cross and follow him to bring others in to the LIGHT (or Spirit of God) and help Christianity harvest the lost “souls” for Christ….!

    I prey for those who need to see the LIGHT of our beloved Lord, Father God…therefore, the Spirit IS and grows here on earth……Not just Open Theism Theory, but bearing the Cross for Jesus, being a witness for Christ and developing those precious gifts God gave to each us for His Will Be Done on Earth as it is in Heaven.

    To this end, help build our faith at tonight’s Bible Study such that we’d become better fisherman of men!


  2. Mallory Gilmore has surgery on June 8 to reverse her Ileostomy. Ann will be staying with her the entire time until she is discharged. Please pray for the two of them. Mallory has lost over a pound in the last three weeks and Ann is hoping that this surgery will allow Mallory to gain weight. Pray for Matthew too as he is in Alaska and will be there the entire summer. He caught 9 fish on his first day fishing. He may never come home. HEE HEE. Pray for Dr. Fairbanks that he can work God’s miracles on this little baby. She is only 11 1/2 pounds and will be 9 months on June 16. If anyone wants to do meals again, I know that Megan would really appreciate them. She will be in total charge while Mom is in San Diego.
    With God’s Blessing To All Of You, Love Ann

  3. Just found out about our mutual loss of your father.William senior my past commander Post 280 East Pasadena.I will miss him but i have no doubts ..he is in the best place.Give my best and your Mother,Dan and all your brothers and sisters.Please accept my condolences /peace be with you and with yours / Commandant Chet Chrismon. Marine Corps league Rockingham county North Carolina

  4. PEAce be with you,//having been baptized by you ,in response to the pope question”christ is our light” i am a confirmed catholic and i say to you the pope is the pope and christ is the answer not only now but in his footprint far before the beginning of time.WHERE ELSE CAN YOU GO even the saints knew there is no other place to go.begin your journey love chet

  5. Hi Pastor Bill
    I got to borrow the truck this am but since it was so low on fuel I thought I would try to get to your house the back way……NOT! LOL I had to get the truck back before I ran out of fuel. Thank you for the long conversion and guidance last Sunday. Sorry I couldn’t be there this am 😦

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